What does AtlasCorp do?

AtlasCorp is an ambitious outsourced sales and event marketing firm based in Sheffield, Nottingham and Liverpool. We work with blue chip clients from the charity, energy and home renovation industries. AtlasCorp’s clients benefit from an experienced and dedicated sales and marketing department that work on their behalf to provide customer acquisitions and brand awareness using effective marketing strategies. This has resulted in AtlasCorp’s services being in great demand, satisfying the needs of a constantly growing client portfolio

Who are AtlasCorp’s clients?

AtlasCorp works with blue chip clients in the charity, energy and home renovation industries. Our main focus is to increase their customer base as much as we possibly can whilst also spreading brand awareness. In 2016 AtlasCorp is looking to expand into other industries and in 2017 other countries as well.

Opportunities with AtlasCorp?

At AtlasCorp we pride ourselves on the belief of ‘However much someone puts in that’s what they get out’. We work on a no seniority basis which means we do not favour people on factors such as the length of time contractors have traded with us. In our eyes someone on their first day is as valuable as the next person.

How is AtlasCorp Different from other Companies?

AtlasCorp aims to provide a high value service for clients at a low cost. The reason we can provide a higher standard of service for a lower cost is down to our undeniable commitment to our clients and the values they represent. Here at AtlasCorp we focus on trading with customers using a face-to-face approach, guaranteeing the highest customer service and personal experience. The systems and structures that we have in place are the foundations to our success. They are easily replicated and guarantee not only a high volume of customers but a high retention of customers as well.

Why is Event Marketing Effective?

A successful, memorable event can increase the visibility of your brand and promote consumer engagement. One of the most powerful features of an event is that it provides so many opportunities for content generation and engagement outside of the event itself. Another type of event marketing occurs when a brand creates a presence at an unrelated event. Brands represent themselves at sporting events, music festivals and other local events through booths, spokesmodels and branded vehicles. Businesses will sometimes deploy street teams of energetic young people to spread marketing messages at large events. These effective tactics have been embraced by some of the country’s biggest businesses.