What does AtlasCorp do?

We are an event marketing company who specialise in generating new customers for a number of different clients in the telecoms, financial and non profit sectors. We deliver our services on face to face aspect via ‘pop-up events’ as we feel F2F is a lot more approachable and effective for our clients.

What are the opportunities?

We are looking to develop people from a sales position to a management role. We believe in starting people in an entry level sales position initially, regardless of previous experience, as it is the best way to expand a company. This is because it ensures great leadership and transparent coaching.

What is the day to day role?

Depending on your experience and development within the company – the day to day role can vary. For someone starting out, they will be responsible for representing our clients at our pop-up events, responsible for the marketing and the face to face interaction with the target audience. They will also be responsible for setting up the events and representing our clients in a professional, but fun way. Once someone has gained more experience, we will be looking to refine people’s leadership and team building skills so they can generate a larger customer base for our clients.