Every campaign we deliver, we tailor fit to suit your needs to ensure you get maximum results. We will develop a unique campaign designed specifically for your target audience. At AtlasCorp we always strive to go beyond your expectations. Using our services will help increase sales figures, build brand awareness and improve customer retention.

AtlasCorp will deliver all this and more using compelling and engaging direct marketing and event marketing campaigns.They will be delivered by our experienced and committed sales forces. Our sales force will build trusting relationships with your customer to maintain a high level of customer loyalty to your brand.

Lead Generation

We have a number of efficient practices in place to create quality customer leads, encourage more enquires and secure long-term customers to your brand. By using customer data, we will increase the level of customer loyalty with an efficient turnaround period.

Campaign Design

We will assist you with creating a positive attitude and image for your brand to ensure that customers have a satisfying customer experience, resulting in them becoming a loyal long-term customer.

Direct Marketing

We deliver interactive displays, presentations and demonstrations straight to the consumer at private site venues, shopping centres and retail stores.

Customer Acquisition

Our sales force will use the most effective resources to target the right prospects who are likely to become returning customers. By supplying us with detailed information about your target audience, we can deliver your product to your audience with the highest level of precision.

3 Reasons to Hire AtlasCorp

We’re Experts in Our Field:

It takes time and resources to recruit, manage, and develop a team to achieve results. AtlasCorp already has a department in place. We can take a new client from the pilot phase to full capacity within eight weeks. We will provide you with regular feedback and reports about the progress of your campaign. We will offer you support and advice every step of the way to ensure that your product or service receives maximum exposure.

We Deliver Results:

When we fulfil our obligation to our clients by increasing their customer base, revenues will continue to increase due to consumer awareness and repeat business from the new and existing customers. We will guarantee a professional presentation in order to maximise the amount of business we generate for your brand.

We Guarantee a high ROI:

Our campaigns are issued on a pay-on-performance basis; you only pay us for the results we produce. This means you are always guaranteed a high return on investment. By offering this type of service, businesses are able to receive a high quality service into market at a very competitive price.


Our Values

  • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
  • Collaboration: Leverage collective genius
  • Integrity: Be real
  • Accountability: If it is to be, it’s up to me
  • Passion: Committed in heart and mind
  • Quality: What we do, we do well